Welsh Black Beef

Our Pedigree Welsh Black herd of Cattle are e a small native breed that thrive on the lowlands of West Wales. They prefer to be outside in almost all weathers and stay healthy due to the salty air. We have a closed herd which means we breed our own stock so have grandmothers, aunties & daughters in our herd. We only buy in a new bull every 2-3 years. Our welsh Black beef comes from cattle that are 30 months old, it is then hung to dry age for 3-4 weeks to develop its delicious flavour. We have been providing our meat locally through our box scheme for 20 years. We are now able to offer delivery throughout the U.K via overnight Courier. We pack our meat frozen in sheeps’ wool and ice packs where it will stay frozen and can be placed into a freezer on arrival.

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