We Are A Small Sustainable Family Farm producing Free Range Grass Fed Rare Breed Meat, Poultry, Eggs, Fruit Vegetables, Preserves, Blankets & Sheepskins available at our Farmgate Farm Shop In Llangrannog West Wales. We Farm on two sites of approximately 50 acres each. Our holding has been in our family for around 100 years and we are the third and fourth generation Farmers. We are fortunate to farm along side nature with ancient hedgerows, orchards, ponds as well as being near the sea to benefit from the salt air and westerly winds.

We Farm Pedigree Cattle, Sheep And Pigs in an effort to conserve our rare and native breeds for the future. They are farmed in a non intensive way. They are slowly matured and due to the nature of our land produce the most flavoursome healthy meat. In order to keep our pedigree flocks and herds we register all animals born. They all have a farm name which is Bedw and their own name. Each year we use a different letter. 

We join the Pedigree Breeder Societies and each of our animals get a certificate. These clubs and societies are instrumental in promoting the breeds, helping breeders show their animals, helping potential buyers find the right animals and helping breeders with the latest information and providing support for each other.

 We belong to The Welsh Black Cattle Society, The Hampshire Down Sheep Breeders Association, National Sheep Association, The Pedigree Berkshire Pig Breeders Club and the British Pig Breeders Club


We believe a sustainable approach to farming is essential for a healthy environment, healthy food and therefore healthy people.

 We also believe that farming alongside nature by protecting our bees and their pollinators which we rely on for our crops to harvest. This is why we do not use sprays or pesticides.

 We farm in an organic way just like the generations on the farm before us.

 A lot of us have concerns about food miles and food security. We hope that in a small way we are helping to offer an alternative way to shop for healthy low impact food, whilst giving our animals the best life by protecting them from disease, stress and illness.

We are fortunate to have a farm that has been farmed non -intensively for 100 years with established trees, hedgerows, ponds & wildlife. We also have access to land close to the sea which although windy, the sea air is really healthy for our animals. Our cattle and Sheep thrive really well on the open coastal land.