Pedigree Berkshire Pork Porc Pedigri Sir Berkshire

Bedw Berkshire porkers and baconers
Bedw Pedigree Berkshire litter of piglets

Our Free Range GM Free Pedigree Berkshire pigs produce two litters of piglets a year with an average of 8-10 piglets in each litter. from these litters we select potential pedigree breeding stock that will go on to continue the future of the Berkshire lines. Many of the bloodlines are  now rare. We keep  three bloodlines to try and help conserve these delightful friendly pigs. 

The porkers are grown on the farm to between 6 and nine months. They forage out on the farm doing their magic of improving areas of reed with their gentle digging ability. The bacon and ham pigs are with us until at least a year old. 

They produce the tastiest rare breed pork, sausages, bacon and hams. We specialise in pork sausages, award winning bacon and ham. We hope to add charcuterie to our product range in the future. We also sell pedigree breeding stock and weaners.

 Berkshire pigs are now on the Rare Breed Survival Trusts vulnerable list. As pigs have relatively large litters eating their pork helps with keeping the numbers up. There is a real concern that these breeds will become extinct as rare breed free range sustainable pig farming is currently under extreme difficulty We really champion the Berkshire as they make great smallholder pigs. They are gentle, friendly, great mothers and really entertaining characters on the farm.

Berkshire Pork is prized for its juciness, tenderness and flavour. Its suitable for long slow cooking and at high temperatures. The meat is dark in colour. The skin produces the most amazing crackling. We keep a good range of sausages, bacon, pork and ham in the farm shop. We currently can post out via overnight courier pork boxes, breakfast packs of sausages & bacon for the freezer.