Welsh Black Cattle

Hampshire Down Sheep

Berkshire Pigs

Pedigree Welsh Black Cattle

We have a closed herd of pedigree welsh black cattle. From time to time we have breeding stock and stores available. We are members of The Welsh Black Cattle Society and are listed in their herd book. Our herd is Johnnes, Lepto, BVD & IBD free. We are Farm assured Welsh Lamb & Beef (FAWL). Please contact us via the contact us form on the website or call Eirig on 07908116991. We currently have our Stock Bull Machreth Steffan for sale. A Wondeful Gentle lad who has been with us since he was a youngster. Born 04 2018 he has produced some fabulous calves but its time for him to move on to another herd as his daughters have joined our herd. Please contact Eirig on 07908116991 for further details.


Bedw Welsh Black Cows
Machreth Steffan our WelshbBlock Stock Bull
Bedw Welsh Black Cow

Pedigree Hampshire Down Sheep

We keep a flock of Pedigree hampshire Down Sheep. We have breeding females & Rams for sale. We are Farm Assured Welsh Lamb and Beef (FAWL). Members of the Hampshire Down Sheep Breeers Association. National Sheep Association. 

 Please contact us via the contact us form on the website or call Eirig on 07908116991.


Bedw Pedigree Hampshire Down Lambs
Bedw Hampshire Down Sheep
Bedw Pedigree Hampshire Downs at lambing on the farm

Pedigree Berkshire Pigs

We keep Pedigree Berkshire Pigs. We have the Royal Lustre, Mermaid and Lady sow lines and Peter Lad and Ambassador Boar lines. We sell breeding stock and weaners and usually have availability all year. We are members of the British Pig Association. Berkshire Pig breeders Club and Porc Blasus Welsh Pork Scheme. We currently have 2 pedigree female gilts available 15 months old, porkers and various age weaners are usually available. Please contact us via our contact form on this website or call 07968269180. 

Bedw Pedigree Berkshire piglets
Bedw Pedigree Berkshire Piglets with their mother


From time to time we have farm machinery and items for sale.

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Bedw Farm Logo
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