Our Memberships

As we keep pedigree animals we belong to several pedigree clubs. This helps us to keep in touch with fellow breeders. Register our pedigree animals to record their bloodlines and progeny. it also helps us to help conserve the breeds. Our Hampshire Down sheep and Berkshire Pigs are quite rare. By eating their meat and looking at the bloodlines this enables us to help conserve them. It also helps you to learn about the breed and understand why they suit certain environments and farms.

Welsh Black Cattle Society- Our Herd Prefix Is Bedw

British Pig Association- Our Herd prefix is Bedw

Berkshire Pig Breeders Club- Our Herd Prefix is Bedw

National Sheep Association

British Online Cattle Movement

Nature Friendly Farming

Pasture For Life-We are members and follow the principles. Our animals are not currently accredited to the scheme

Porc Blasus

Welsh Butchers Club

PGI Welsh Lamb- This protects Welsh lamb and proves that our lamb Is Welsh.

PGI Welsh Beef- This protects the Welsh Lamb name and proves that our beef is Welsh

Produce and Provide – a great network of farms selling direct to our customers. they have a great map showing where these farms are located.

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